Cars and the environment

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As a surveyor (and male) I am a self-confessed ‘petrol head’. I love fast cars and have prior to having a family enjoyed driving them. I also enjoy the Formula One circus again (after years of boredom). More recent years have found me in a serious of sensible family cars, all of them have served their purpose well and in most cases have I believe been the best in their class at the time I acquired them (I have to believe that to be able to be seen in them!). However as ‘bricks’ they are far from economical or environmentally friendly! 

My kids are now getting to an age where a ‘people carrier’ is not a pre-requisite and so I was looking forward to getting a more interesting car when I replace my current vehicle. However the current economy and the environmental issues are I believe pushing a new type of car to the fore – not just for business users but also for private drivers. The Governments approach to taxing vehicles and European legislation have forced car manufacturers to produce more economical and lower emission vehicles (VW Bluemotion, Mercedes Blue Efficiency etc). I believe they are now becoming much more ‘mainstream’ and a real option for the man on the street.  

This has been brought home to me most by one of my favorite magazines – Car. This is a very well written tome, which focuses on high-end cars but also the industry as a whole. Every year they provide their view on the top 10 best cars of the year. Without fail this normally includes at least one Ferrari and various BMW’s (absent this year – perhaps due to their current designs?). This year there is one notable addition, (one that Clarkson would not approve of, but perhaps this says as much about him as the car) – The New Toyota Prius.  

The New Prius


Now as a ‘petrol head’ I would have been the first to berate anyone for having a Prius (one of my colleagues would go much further). But as with Apple it appears that Toyota may well have got it right with the third version of this hybrid.  

The magazines writer said the following;  

No car has ever confounded my expectations quite like the latest Toyota Prius. When I arrived at the Swedish launch I was firmly in the against camp, absolutely convinced that hybrids were all hype …….. yet I left the car’s press launch an irrepressible advocate .  

For this type of journalist to be sold on the concept I think says a lot. Perhaps its time to start considering this technology now as relevant to current issues? My next car?


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