10:10 a move in the right direction

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10:10 Campaign

I have to admit to being made aware of this excellent Government backed campaign by one of my colleagues via his blog. He is a fairly sceptical person when it comes to the global warming issue, so it was something of a surprise to see his blog (and slightly embarrassing for me as the firms energy assessor!)! 

I believe that this suggests that the 10:10 campaign may well be the best thought out so far by the UK’s Government. With the start of the new year and the current economic climate I believe it may well become a “popular cause”. We have already seen the power of social networking in pushing popular causes – Rage Against The Machine being the most recent. 

I have also previously blogged to the effect that I believe people need to see a benefit to acting on green issues. This campaign is aimed at showing how a 10% cut can also save us money, saving the planet is a “by-product”. This I think will make it much more acceptable to the public. The downloadable checklist is an excellent idea which will engage kids as well to the cause. 

So if everyone can blog, Twitter and promote 10:10 we may be able to make an impact. 

The company I work for has registered, as have I, how about you?


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