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In the current economic climate it could be argued that as a nation we are as receptive to new ideas that may save money and the planet as at any time in the economic cycle (what ever that is now). 

There have been two Government announcements this week relating to the supply and generation of power for the UK. These announcements have provoked a variety of responses, many of them sadly only too predictable. 

The first announcement related to the construction of 137 miles of new power lines across Scotland, my colleague blogged about this yesterday and was somewhat ‘in line’ with the current attitude to this type of thing in the UK – Not in my backyard!

I am not surprised by this attitude, as a nation we seem to have lost any personal drive for the national common good. Britain experienced massive growth in Victorian times – partly due to the industrial revolution but also due to the ability for things to happen – how many years did it take to get the high-speed rail link agreed through Kent? I am sure it would have happened quicker in the 1900’s!  

We seem to be alone in the World in trying to stop this type of development at every turn. Drive across Europe or the USA (California especially) and you will see large wind farms producing very cheap energy. Personally I don’t have an issue with their appearance, but I am a country lad more used to making the land provide, rather than a towny who just wants it to look pretty! 

We are going to have a major power issue in this country within our lifetime, forget global warming (I know you want to) – we need alternative power sources because fossil fuels will run out! As a nation we are at the forefront of alternative energy, we need to develop this expertise, the alternative is Nuclear! Do we want that? 

The Wind Farm Locations

The announcement today relates to the successful bidders for 9 new wind farm sites located off shore around the UK.  

Turbines in the nine zones could generate up to 32 gigawatts of power, a quarter of the UK’s electricity needs. 

 Lets hope that these receive a slightly more positive reaction from the public (no back yards out there!)


One thought on “Renewables

    Tim GARRATT said:
    January 8, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    It was Douglas Adams who said “You never hear the phrase – pretty as an airport”. He could well have been talking about Pylons or wind Turbines! They are just damned ugly – and so NIMBY please!

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