Apple iPad = Genius?

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As with all ‘geeks’ this week I was very excited about Apples big launch event in San Fransisco. Lets face it no one hypes a launch as well as Apple, and this one was really hyped even by their standards! 

Having rushed home to watch the key-note I was initially under whelmed by the iPad – it looked like an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch. What was the point? It just makes it bigger to carry! 

However having now sat back and considered the whole picture, and more importantly having showed my wife the video about it and finding she is really enthusiastic about it – I get it! 

I use my iPhone for a lot of ‘non phone’ tasks. This is partly due to my previous PDA usage. My psions and pocket pc’s allowed me to run my life – finances, expenses, wordprocessing to name a few. When I first got my iPhone I was disappointed because it couldn’t multi task or do as much as my PDA’s. 

However over time this has improved, I now have a file manager and document manager app that allows me to edit and create word, excel, and PowerPoint docs. And more importantly sync them with my laptop. 

I also have a finance package, secure password manager, mileage manager etc. So my iPhone is now a central part of my life. I am also writing this on my iPhone in WordPress. 

But this use of an iPhone is undoubtably a ‘geeky’ use – my wife does not understand it and always asks why I would want to do things on it. 

This morning I showed her the video from Apple demonstrating the iPad (not uPas as my iPhone corrects it to!). Her reaction was amazing, normally not easily impressed by tech her immediate comment was – I could really fancy using one of those! 

It was at this point that the penny dropped for me. Yes this is a large iPhone, but that is not a bad thing and it is so much more. This is computing for real people. Let’s face it nearly everyone uses a computer in their daily lives (mainly PC’s), to the majority I would suggest that it is not a pleasure and their understanding of how it works is minimal. In other words it is a tool, it does a job but don’t expect me to relate to it in any way! 

The next level up is the Mac, the geeks choice and generally used by a certain type of person – mainly techies (although many would not admit to it). It is generally a far more pleasurable OS to use. 

The growth in netbook use has highlighted the move to portable computing, they are cute, more portable laptops, but still chained to a desktop OS. So generally they are slow to start etc. My beloved psions were instant on and did everything a netbook can do (even with a full colour screen) and most importantly had long battery life. 

iPad Calendar

What Apple has provided us with in the iPad is a modern psion type device (the improved diary app even picks up on some psion features). It is instant on, has 10 hour battery life, and has iWork on it (allowing word processing and spreadsheet editing and creating). So it is in effect a ‘turbo charged iPhone’ and most importantly just as easy to use. That is the beauty of the iPhone OS – anyone can work it (or the 75m people with iPhones). I know everyone I work with finds the iPhone easy to use – quite something when you think about it. 

My wife wants one, I want one, and the reason? It is a gadget, but you can feel something for it – a scary statement I know, but an iPad would become a part of your life. 

Just watch, it will be a massive hit. And this is only the first version!


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad = Genius?

    Amanda Rane said:
    January 31, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Alot of bloggers aren’t too happy with the new iPad.There was 2 much hype regarding it and alot blogers got disapointed.You see, I can actually see some of the cool potential uses of the gizmo. Third-party apps for making tunes, games, papers and magazines and books, tons of cool stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (excluding the books). It looks kinda not finished

      Simon Dare responded:
      January 31, 2010 at 8:52 am

      Don’t forget this is version one, the iPhone tool two or three versions to get to where it is today. I still believe this will be a massive hit!

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