Always worth a second look

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I had thought I had blogged my initial thoughts on the Nottingham Contemporary after visiting the opening Hockney exhibition, however it appears I didn’t (must be my age). The centre just did not work for me, yes the galleries were good, but the lower floor was very “separate” from the rest of the gallery. and it just didn’t feel ‘right’. I loved the way the gallery doors worked (sad I know) but overall was not ‘blown away’ as I had hoped to be.
This week however I went to see the current exhibition “Star City”. As an exhibition it was always going to be of interest to me as I grew up during the space race (and still have a scrapbook of press cuttings somewhere). I really enjoyed the exhibition, but the real revelation for me was the downstairs gallery! This was a cinema at the Hockney exhibition, and to be honest it didn’t occur to me that it could be anything more – how wrong one can be!

The gallery has been used to full effect this time, a massive space suit covers the entire floor, the viewing window at the half landing also allows an overall view of the exhibit. Having this window on the landing does now draw the two sections of the building together and make it much more cohesive.

The lower gallery

Just goes to show that it is dangerous to make decisions on just one visit!

I still don’t like the external architecture – a lost opportunity for the City. But internally it is now growing on me. I will be a regular visitor!


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