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We all want to belong to something, it’s a natural urge. It may take the form of following a football team, or going to a pub regularly. 

I have been a target shooter since I was 15, and in that time have belonged to only three different clubs – until today. 

Firstly I learnt my craft at Tetbury Rifle Club in Gloucestershire, initially as a school boy and then as a  student I discovered the social side of clubs (the pub)! 

On arriving in Nottingham I needed a new club, I found it at the Royal Ordnance factory (where our office is now). I shot here while a student at university and then in the first few years of work. It was a friendly club, with quite a diverse membership, but with the impending closure of the factory it was time to move on. 

Full bore shooting at Bisley


My move was to “Freelancers” at Langar. A very sociable club and highly successful in both county and national terms. I became secretary for almost 10 years and helped guide the club through a merger to become Langar Rifle Club. This was a very social club with a lot of young professionals at the time I joined. I felt I belonged! They also introduced me to fullbore shooting, huge fun (if not a touch on the expensive side!), and Bisley, the home of British shooting and a very sociable place! 

Time moves on though, and last night I shot at my new club. I have joined Old Nottinghamians at Nottingham High School. Many of my former colleagues from Langar are now here, so it feels more ‘comfortable’ to me. Also the range is heated (something that the Langar range lacked!). I will miss being involved at Langar, it has been a part of my life for a long time, but it is time to move on.


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