How to kill retailing?

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Today I suffered from small council politics. I visited Long Eaton which is “controlled” by Erewash Council.  

They have taken it upon themselves to charge for parking in the towns car parks (it is however free to park at the huge Asda and Tesco stores in the town). Consequently when I arrived there were plenty of spaces, and the town was quiet!  

An empty Long Eaton Carpark


On going to pay my £1 for two hours I noticed that the ticket machine said 12:00 and did not appear to be changing! I therefore did not want to get a ticket as it was one o’clock already! I decided to ring the “hot line” advertised on the ticket  machine to be used in the event of problems. Fantastic! Only problem being that it took three minutes for the phone to be answered, then after the numerous “if you know the number you want press….” messages I got through. Great! Time for some action from the hot line!  

Errr no actually! Apparently they were aware of the problem and a warden would be there in a few minutes to sort it out.  

Now if I had been in Nottingham they would have taken my car registration and given me an hour or more free to help me get on with what I was doing. But I was willing to wait a few minutes if it was going to solve my issue.  

Ten minutes later, no warden. Fifteen minutes later, no warden. I gave up and drove to another car park, paid, collected my things together and set off to do my business in the town. On the way I met some wardens and told them about the problem in the other car park. “oh yes, we know. We are just on our way over there”  

Well done Erewash – real customer care and a great way to kill your local centre!  

Perhaps they should look at how Nottingham would deal with it!


One thought on “How to kill retailing?

    martin said:
    July 24, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    nice to see somone else that thinks erewash is killing long eaton go to ilkeston and see how they are trying to help the town same council different rules and costs

    maybe you need to pass to local news paper

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