EPC’s – You chance to comment!

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Communities and Local Government (CLG) have released a consultation document entitled ‘Making better use of Energy Performance Certificates’.

As the name suggests this consultation is concerned with a number of measures to help improve the effectiveness of EPCs and to make better use of energy performance data.

To download a copy of the consultation document, please go directly to the CLG website.


When the CLG has been pushed on widening EPCs/DECs and compliance at various meetings they have made the point they need to consult, so here is your chance to tell them what you think (of the proposals).

The most relevant chapter to the market as a whole is chapter 5 and I recommend all to read this;

Chapter 5: Energy performance certificate ratings in property advertisements

This poses two main questions as follows;

1. Do you agree that advertisements for the sale or rent of domestic and non-domestic property should include details of the EPC rating?

2. Do you agree that the scheme should be made compulsory by implementing the relevant provision in EPBD2 at an early opportunity?

As a qualified energy assessor I will obviously be replying to this consultation. I have commented before on my belief that the legislation for commercial EPC’s should be the same as residential properties – in other words the EPC should be included on all marketing material. The second question relates to this “bringing in line” with the residential market as quickly as possible.

If the Government is to reach its commitment on reducing CO2 emissions then 80% of this saving will have to come from property. There has therefore to be some control and monitoring of energy efficiency, the EPC is this control and is therefore unlikely to go away! So let’s get to grips with it in the property world and use it.

In the long-term it can only help in driving forwards the agenda for sustainable buildings as well, which also has to be high on our agenda as property professionals.

We have to move with the changes to our market, and not react after the event. We should be a driving force in our industry and not a profession of followers!


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