A wind farm on our doorstep!

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I commented here about wind farms in France and the French view of them as a ‘generally welcome’ addition to their skyline. Obviously the French have a much more rural and spacious country which may well have a bearing on their views. Also they don’t appear to have the NIMBY attitude that we have in the UK.

This week I have become aware of the Severn Trent proposal for some large wind generators on the Trent next to Burton Joyce. The local council have been very proactive in relation to the proposal (for that is what it is at the moment – planning has not been applied for yet). They have prepared a report which is available from their website, it makes very interesting reading and highlights a number of issues common to this type of proposal. And also highlights the issues in this country caused by our compact size and dense occupation!

I have sympathy with the residents of Burton Joyce as it is clear that the proposal from Severn Trent is a ‘maximum’ size scheme created with a view to it being ‘down sized’ following consultations. It is unfortunate that the providers of such schemes feel they have to do this to get schemes past the locals. I can understand why they do it, but it ensures renewable energy gets negative press rather than assists it.

A planning application by Severn Trent is apparently expected any day – we will no doubt all hear about this on East Midlands Today and in the Evening Post!

Reading some of the comments on the Burton Joyce website by locals does depress me though. Many comments are valid, but the ‘unhealthy for our children’ comment also appears (as is common in cases like this). How is it unhealthy? Are they going to fly into the blades? I am not aware of any evidence to support this?

Let’s all try to work together to build some renewable energy in Nottinghamshire! Yes it’s not great to have things in our back yards, but perhaps we have had too much say on things over the last 20 years. Perhaps it’s time for more power for Government to push through ‘sensible’ schemes? Otherwise little will happen in the renewables area – and then it will be too late!

Let’s push the offshore wind farms forward as well – no one can complain about them – can they?


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