To err is human!

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I am a big fan of ‘non PC’. Don’t get me wrong, I believe you have to protect the minorities, but at times we go too far and do things for the wrong reasons. Both of my kids go to private schools and one of the things I love about the schools is their ability to take a somewhat more sensible line through the PC red tape!

Currently the BBC show ‘Ashes to Ashes‘ is a massive hit, partly due to our love of looking back to the ‘good old 80’s’ but also because Gene Hunt is so no pc! We love to rail against authority in this country. Being non pc is the way we can all show the powers that be that we are human!

Non PC Gene Hunt

Today’s story today about the Popes visit and the ‘brainstorming session’ (sorry should that be a ‘thought shower’) that went on in Whitehall and leaked out, is a gaff of stellar proportions. It is also a sign that the civil service still have their non PC side (and have retained their ability to drop the occasional howler)

The story is likely to upset the majority of Catholics in the UK, and was without doubt a very badly judged document (the story will run and run).

Don’t get me wrong, this is a massive insult to the Pope and the Catholic church, I don’t support it, but it does make one think about lesser ‘non pc’ comments!

Lets hope that with the current changes taking place in society we can move away from ‘thought showers’, ‘refuse operatives’ (bin men), being called ‘colleagues’ in meetings (I HATE that!), and allow our kids to have proper sports day’s (it’s OK to lose!).

Everyone has non PC thoughts, most won’t admit to it because it’s ‘not the done thing’. This is however part of the British way, lets not lose sight of the reason why we have such a bizarre sense of humour in this Country. Our history has been very varied and we are made up of a variety of genetic lines. Why not embrace any major cock-up by the civil service – especially in an election year when the politicians are afraid of their own shadows!

Lets move forward and here’s to the next gaff – is political one likely over the next two weeks? Here’s hoping!


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