A Proper car!

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Yesterday I gave my thoughts about my experiences with a Toyota Prius, to put it mildly I was underwhelmed! I had high hopes and did think that the hybrid approach had some merit in moving the car forwards in terms of reducing emissions. However having driven a ‘normal’ car today that offers only slightly higher CO2 levels I am beginning to wonder if Toyota have the right idea?

Volvo V50

The car I tried out was a Volvo V50, a car with only a 1.6 diesel engine, but a normal gearbox and a few ‘tweaks’ on aero dynamics, start stop technology and clever oils etc. It is not what could be described as a fast car, but it is adequate for normal driving and quite as fast as the Prius. More importantly it is quiet, built properly, has a great stereo (which can also be upgraded) and has an accelerator that doesn’t stick down!

Sometimes you come across something that is far better than expected, today’s drive in the Volvo was just such a case – in the same way that the Prius was a total disappointment!

I believe I may have found my new car!


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