Why I blog

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I spent an extremely pleasant evening with old friends last night, drinking wine and putting the world to rights.

One of the items that came up in conversation was my habit of blogging. They had no idea that I blogged And wanted to know why I did it, and what did I get out of it?

To be honest, that’s an interesting question, the answer to which I have not really considered before.

When I started blogging, my colleague who introduced me to it said “wait until you start googling yourself”. It didn’t take me long to realise what he meant, it is a good feeling to google yourself and find if you are high in the lists on google.

However there is a lot more to blogging than that. Is it the grumpy old man syndrome of getting things off your chest and generally being a whiner or is there more to it?

Without doubt as I get older I get more opinionated and perhaps that is one of my reasons. The grumpy old man definitely has some potential in me!

However, if I am honest I now find it quite cathartic to type my blog, either on my iPhone or PC. It is a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings on what is going on in the world. My way I suppose of trying in a small way make a difference!

This week I felt compelled to write something about a subject close to my heart, this was the first time I had felt such a compulsion. It was good to get the thoughts off my chest even if no one read it!

So why do I blog?

In reality it is a modern way of saying my bit, getting things off my chest and perhaps making myself feel just a bit better about the world I live in!

So there is your answer K & A. (if you read this!)


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