A Greener Nottingham

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The City Council have today announced their intention to try to improve Nottingham’s green credentials.  Nottingham City Council wants to cash in on the green energy revolution by attracting large-scale investment in environmental technology, which would cut residents’ fuel bills and create hundreds of jobs.     

The council’s plans include;    

 A scheme to more than double the size of the city’s district heating system, which is already the biggest in the country and provides cheap and secure green energy to thousands of city homes.    

A large-scale photo-voltaic (PV’s) project which could mean solar panels going up on thousands of roofs across Nottingham, and also create “green jobs”.     

A cutting-edge “Energy Park” in Bulwell where new businesses will be powered by food scraps, garden trimmings and wood waste from across the city.    

Eradicating landfill by making recycling more efficient and picking out more materials than ever for reuse – including the leftover ash from the city’s incinerator (which powers the district heating scheme) for road aggregate.    

 Deputy city council leader Councillor Graham Chapman commented :    

 “It is not just some great big idealised approach that we want to be green. There is money in waste and there is money in energy. The whole aim is to be green in order to provide green energy to make us competitive. We are already the most energy self-sufficient city in the UK and we want to maintain that lead and increase it and compete with European cities.”    

In addition to this  two electrically powered zero carbon vans have recently joined Nottingham City Council’s  vehicle fleet. One will be used by the new park ranger service, in and around all the city’s parks and open spaces. The exact use of the other has yet to be confirmed, but no doubt it will become a common sight in the City centre. The vehicles cost the council £33,559 – the same as a conventional vehicle – thanks to funding from the Department for Transport’s Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme.    

Also via the same fund source, new electric buses could be running in Nottingham city centre from next summer. The city council has won nearly £400,000 of government funding to replace the diesel vehicles running on the Centrelink route. The four replacement low-carbon buses would operate the free bus service linking The Victoria Centre, Old Market Square and Broadmarsh Centre.    

Solar Shading with PV's in a car park


Whilst on holiday in Italy last year I saw numerous ‘clever’ uses of PV’s, for example forming shade in car parks and powering the ticket machines at the same time! Uses like this are both ‘green’ and very obvious to the general public – something that I believe can benefit the ‘roll out’ of these technologies in the ‘real world’  and their acceptance by the general public.    

Lets just hope this type of  proposal doesn’t get killed off by budget costs!


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