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I am aware that I am beginning to appear to be a ‘grumpy old man’, perhaps I am getting to that age and my blog is bringing the worst out in me. I am not sure, but I do know that certain things annoy me, and have done for some time!

An example

One of those things is Council ‘newspapers’. It has always seemed pointless to me to be told by my local council about things that I can read in the local paper or see on the local TV news. The papers have always appeared to me to be a case of self publicity and perhaps trying to prove the councils existence? It also would seem to provide a role for the recycling staff!

I am therefore a slightly less grumpy old man this morning with the news that the government is to tighten the rules relating to council funded newspapers. Ostensibly this is aimed at stopping the councils competing with the free newspapers who have suffered recently from a fall in advertising revenue, but are seen as providing a valuable service.

In reality hopefully it will stop the councils trying to ‘sell themselves’ to us and in the process waste our money! No doubt my local council would have been looking forward to telling me about its latest daft idea itself, now luckily I only have to read about it in the Nottingham Evening Post!

Eric Pickles, the Local Government Secretary put it beautifully with these two soundbites;

“propaganda on the rates, dressed up as reporting”

“Town hall Pravdas”

Here’s to the end of a large part of the UK’s recycling costs as well!


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