Football – time for a new National Sport?.

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Before the World Cup started back in the depths of June, there was a feeling of ‘hope’ beginning to drift across us, we had Rooney, Capello and our usual belief that we are actually better than we actually are!

So apt!

Unfortunately when Rooney failed to put in an appearance and we fell wimpering to the Germans, all the possible good that could have worked its way into the economy sank without a trace!

The timing of the budget was also stunning, the headline in the Independant after the apalling performance against Algeria said it all

“Cheer up everybody, there’s a budget next week”.

Englands failure in South Africa has focused peoples attention to the budget and the cuts at a time when the Government might have hoped for some good news. The request for budget plans from the Government Departments on a 25% or 40% cut basis have also raised a few eye brows! I believe we are in for a very hard time over the next 6 months. There are undoubtably going to be strikes in the public sector and the increased uncertainty this causes cannot be good for the property market.

A lot of this was of course unavoidable, but it does feel better being able to lay part of the blame at the feet of Rooney and Co! It wouldn’t have been so bad if they actually looked sorry, or applauded the fans after they got beaten by the Germans. But no, that was apparently too much for them.

We need a new national sport to get behind, we are not good enough at football. How about some of the other sports that we have had recent World Champions at (or at least since 1966)? I don’t have a list, but would guess it is suprisingly large, and many have been achieved without the massive money football has – does that say something as well?

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