The ‘secret’ iphone 4 issue

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The press has been alive with details of the iPhone 4 since launch. It always annoys the ‘Microsoft fan boys’ that Apple get so much free advertising for their products. Probably unfair – it is only new and imaginative products that get all the coverage – iPod, iPhone and iPad. All in their time have defined a new niche or at least re-written the rules for that genre of product. Perhaps Microsoft have less exciting things to shout about……

Because of this the media love to ‘crucify’ Apple when there is a perceived ‘chink’ in their armour. This last few weeks we have seen the signal drop issue and the replies from Apple all over the press (possibly not handled as well as Steve might have!).

However there is an issue that has not been widely covered but has been acknowledged and patched by Apple already!

This issue relates to an area of the market that Apple have been very keen to develop for the iPhone – the business enterprise user.

This sector has historically been almost exclusively catered for by RIM with their Blackberry systems. Lets face it, they have been in control for a couple of decades – even President Obama is a Blackberry fan (not bad for a Canadian company!)

With iPhone 3G Apple made a move into RIM’s market, they licenced Microsoft’s Active Sync (better known as ‘Activestink’) to enable the iPhone to link with an Exchange Server and do push email/calendar etc.
It was at this point that as a firm we moved to iPhone from Blackberry, and to be fair Apple have made Active Sync work far better than Microsoft have ever managed with Pocket PC (or whatever they call that now – Windows Mobile?).

Anyway this has developed and now with iPhone 4 there are further ‘links’ for exchange and we are all happy – or are we?

Unfortunately it appears that Apple made a goof with iOS4 and made it capable of hammering an exchange server to death! Large implementations of new iPhones all hitting a server at the same time causes it to crawl! It’s something to do with time out’s apparently.

All I know is I thought we did not have this issue at work until I had to reinstall my new (replacement) iPhone last week. Our server at work went on a real go slow!

Luckily a bit of research on-line established that Apple have released a patch that solves the problem. It can be downloaded by email and installed on the iPhone itself. If you are using exchange on your iPhone I would recommend it.

Apple have headed this one of at the pass it has been dealt with very quietly and quickly with very little press coverage – funny that!


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