Why do people complain about Ryanair?

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Today as a family we have flown Ryanair to Pisa in Italy from Stanstead airport. Am I complaining about Ryanair? No.

I am a huge fan of the budget airlines and in my view they get abused by people often when it’s not due.

Yes we had to check in and print off our passes at home before we drove to the airport. If we had not done this it would have cost an extra Β£30 per passenger. But we were reminded a few days before by email. So anyone failing to do this is in my view a muppet!

We paid extra for priority boarding, so got in our seats before the masses.

The plane is also on time, only 4 years old (modern by airline standards).

We have used various budget airlines and never had a problem, surely it’s not just luck?

So tell me – were is the problem? I don’t see one!


One thought on “Why do people complain about Ryanair?

    Kevin Barnes said:
    September 3, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    Whilst I agree with all your comments, I recently booked flights for 4 people to Portugal.

    During the online process for the payment, the website threw up an error and suggested we wait 60 minutes and if no confirmation email was received then rebook.

    We did this the following day and got the same message. Upon phoning Ryanair we were told, yes there was a problem, and we had been charged for 2 bookings.

    ‘Just fax a letter to customer services and they will arrange a refund’

    Oh no they won’t, whilst they sympathise with our circumstances, they are insisting it was our fault.

    When its my fault, I accept it but this is different.

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