A little piece of America in Italy

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This week I am holidaying with the family near Parma in Italy. Today is a Sunday and in a Catholic country one tends to find very little open. To add to this today is apparently one of the most religious days in the Italian calendar. No surprise then when we went to Parma it was closed!

Not a problem as it is a beautiful city and best seen with few people about! The Duomo is amazing inside and somehow on a Sunday it seemed right that the town was quiet.

A small piece of America

It was therefore somewhat of a surprise while on the way back to our villa to find what can only be described as a bit of America in Italy – an outlet mall. Now I am aware that all forms of shopping go on in Italy, but it was the design of the development that was so weird – it could have been lifted straight out of Florida or any US state. It was a small piece of Disney in Tuscany!

It was also packed! There must have been at least 1000 spaces in the car park and it was full to bursting. It appears the British disease of Sunday opening has spread to Italy – a shame really as it is nice to have a quiet day again when on holiday (just like the ‘good old days!).


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