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Being on holiday and away from your normal daily routine does tend to make you realise how ‘married’ to tech and in particular the Internet we have all become.

On our first week away this summer our apartment was supposed to have Internet access – it didn’t. I commented on it’s lack of it here. However this lack of easy access although limiting my use of the net, did not stop me. I could still blog from my iPhone.

It did however allow me to read more, which I actually enjoyed greatly. Our TV was also basic Italian channels and was not turned on once. The kids also read more and did not actually miss Internet access.

Our second week includes full wireless broadband and it is noticeable that everyone is reading less and has their noses firmly placed into their netbooks, iPods etc. Facebook, MSN and blogs and the like have been very active! We should have had Sky here as well but that is faulty – lucky in retrospect otherwise we would probably not be talking to each other at all!

A report released today brings this into focus as to how much of our day we spend normally watching or using tech.

The statistics from regulator Ofcom suggest people in the UK spend seven hours a day watching TV, surfing the net and using their mobile phones.

However, the average person actually squeezes in the equivalent of nearly nine hours of media and communications by multi-tasking on several devices.

The annual Communications Market Report says that the average person spends around 15 hours 45 minutes every day awake. Of this time, it says, the average person spends seven hours and five minutes “engaging in media and communications activities”.

However, it found that most people are able to cram in even more by multi-tasking. For example, the report found that adults aged between 16 and 24 appeared to consume the least, spending just six hours and 35 minutes a day on the phone, laptop, radio or television.

But by multitasking – effectively using two or more devices at once – the survey found that young adults were able to squeeze the equivalent of nine hours 32 minutes worth of consumption into that time.

Scary figures I am sure you will agree! From now on in this household the TV will be off more and iPhone etc will be used with more thought for others!


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