Ferrari Museum Pictures

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As promised in my previous blog, pictures of just some of the cars in the museum at Maranello. Hope you like them! 

The first car to wear the 'Prancing Horse'


Some of the older F1 & F2 cars


The first World Championship Car - Ascari's


The Hall of Champions


Le Mans anyone?


No comment required!


Older road cars


It may be yellow - but I still want it!


458 Italia - best looking Ferrari for years!


There had to be a Dino


599xx - the fastest production car round 'the ring'


Last but not least my favorite car – evocative of an era of Formula One that was amazing for its cars (ground effect), its drivers, and their bravery – This was Villeneuve’s and he died in one just like this……. 

One of Villeneuve's cars


From behind


No driver aids here!

2 thoughts on “Ferrari Museum Pictures

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