At last a ‘proper’ iPhone calendar

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Anyone who has been using mobile units from Palm, Windows or similar over the last few years will be aware of the limitations of the inbuilt calendar. Windows Pocket Outlook was probably the worst, and consequently a number of alternatives were developed by other developers. Pocket Informant being the best (in my humble opinion).

Over the last few months I have been lucky to have been beta testing Pocket Informant for iPhone by WEBIS software. This is a calendar app that has been well-known to anyone who is used to Windows Mobile. It has been the industry leader for years and is the one thing I have missed on my iPhone since changing from WM.

The calendar app in iOS is in my view rather basic – it has grown out of the calendar facility on the original iPods and is therefore still somewhat of an ‘add on’ rather than something that has been developed from the ground up.

PI on the other hand is in WM an amazingly powerful tool – the iOS version has been limited until now by Apples ‘control freak nature’. Up until iOS4 no external access was allowed to the calendar database on the iPhone. So any alternative calendar app had to find another way to sync. This was surprisingly easy via Google Calendar Sync, and this has been everyone’s approach until now.

But, for those of us on Exchange servers this was not ideal (it allows instant ‘over the air’ updates). However PI now has direct access to the iOS data, and I am a happy man!

I thoroughly recommend Pocket Informant, it provides better views and will as it develops become far more powerful that the built-in calendar.

Give it a go………. (The iPad version is also stunning)


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