What ever happened to our Post Office?

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This morning I have suffered at the hands of what is left of our once great British Post Office. I am sure when I was a child the postman was a pillar of society who could be relied upon. Unfortunately we now seem to have a bunch of jobsworths who really have no interest in delivering mail or providing a service of any note.

My lack of faith has been building for some time;

Recorded delivery items that fail to arrive – I have had lots of these over the last few years. I could not begin to suggest why they don’t arrive – although they by their nature suggest some value to any light-fingered people! I don’t use recorded anymore, if its a package of less than say £20 I send it normal mail – and it normally gets there – funny that!

Business mail – at work we don’t get our post until lunchtime. Yes, we could pay for earlier delivery, but why should we need to? The upshot of this is that we send a huge amount of correspondence by email. And hand deliver reports to the city (these would earn the Post Office a good fee being large and heavy).

And finally today’s experience!

A package was unable to fit through my letterbox at the weekend, so a ‘we tried to deliver’ card was left by the posty for me telling me I could collect it from Incinerator Road depot in Nottingham. I have been here before and generally hate it with a passion (I am particularly grumpy at the moment), but needs must, so off I went this morning.

On arrival it was the usual disaster area – the only parking is all taken up by the staff (even that next to the ‘public counter’), so I drove into the main yard to be told ‘you can’t park there mate’, (strange because I definitely was not his mate). So my only option was to park in the main entrance – which they didn’t appear to find funny!

On trying to get my package which was not recorded or any other exotic form of post I was told I needed a form of ID – err…. how about this card you put through my letter box? No that was not adequate – so outside we go to get some ID from the car – only to be put to the back of the queue again!

It appears to me that the Post Office is still intent on self-destruction, it’s staff have no desire to work through this recession and provide a decent service (no doubt we owe them a living), so I will do my best to use alternate forms of ‘postage’ from now on.

The sell off can’t come quick enough for me!


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