It’s that time of year again!

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In our wonderfully politically correct world there is always something daft that rears its head around the conker season. It might be a school banning them, or people breaking out safety glasses when playing conkers – I love it, it always makes me laugh.

This year is no different. Nottingham City Council are removing conkers from trees to prevent injury from sticks thrown to knock the conkers down. On the face of it this is a good idea……

But – they are only doing it on one large tree in the Meadows where someone got hurt last year – not on any others in Nottingham or even the immediate area.

I hate to tell them but won’t the kids just move elsewhere to throw sticks? Knocking them down is after all part of the fun!

Perhaps they should propose a ‘conkers season curfew’ – I am sure kids could be kept in for a few weeks until the conkers fall!

Come on – let the kids live!


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