Camden Stables Market

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As my kids would confirm I am not a natural shopper – looking for gadgets is one thing but clothes shopping is frankly a chore!

So being told we were going to visit Camden Market in London did not fill me with delight! Especially asΒ the market is apparently “heaven for trendy teenagers”.

part of the colour....

However, first impressions were good – it looks quite small from the outside!

How wrong this was! It is a huge collection of small shops and food outlets. I have never been to a big Arab style market but imagine that it feels like this!

The area selling foods was so colourful and reminded me of a scene from Blade Runner it was so atmospheric! I also heard comments that it was like “Diagon Alley” from Harry Potter!
Lots of narrow passages with stalls either side.

“The boys” separated from the girls and we actually enjoyed ourselves, getting lost at one point trying to find a specific stall!

The most remarkable thing about the market is that part of it is within the old stables, but a significant area is within a new build area, but kept looking old! This scale of development is only going to work in a large city, Nottingham wouldn’t unfortunately be a big enough draw – what a shame!

Everyone raves about Covent Garden in London, but this is the most intense retail experience I have ever had!

Thoroughly recommended – especially a visit to Cyberdog!


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