Was there any point to the Future Car Challenge?

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Last Weekend more than 60 eco-friendly vehicles – some not seen on UK roads before – completed the first RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge. The idea of the drive was to make the public more aware of the current and future eco vehicle available – in effect a moving motor show.

The entrants started in the morning from Madeira Drive, Brighton, there was a halfway halt at Crawley before entrants began arriving at the finish in Pall Mall from just after 11.00am. They then moved on to the special ceremonial finish in Regent Street where they joined a display of more than 100 pre-1905 motor cars in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run  in front of an estimated 250,000 people.

This inaugural RAC event was organised to be a very public showcase for low-energy vehicles and attracted support from large and small manufacturers from around the globe.

The event was staged, promoted and judged in three categories – Electric, Hybrid and Internal Combustion Engine. Within each category, entries were measured in various modes for the energy used during the drive. The challenge was to complete the event with the least energy impact.

Cars included current electric cars – like the Tesla sports car, plus cars in development like the Golf Bluemotion electric (which was the winner).

All sounds good so far, but despite the awards being made by the RAC, the actual results of how much fuel etc that the cars used has not been released to the general public! One can only think that this is because the manufacturers do not want the ‘real world’ results to be common knowledge. The economy figures are most likely to be way out from the manufacturers ‘official’ figures and therefore an embarrassment to the manufacturers?

So what was the point?


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