A good idea from Facebook? Probably not!

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I am not a big Facebook user – I am too old! But I am aware of the hold it has over the world as a whole, so it cannot be ignored!

The latest Facebook application to be launched allows users to search for car share partners using Facebook – it launched  in Europe on November 16th.

The new  application  called “Envoiture.fr” or “Rideshare.co.uk” in English. It allows Facebook members to ‘easily’ share trips using the social networking site.

Apparently users can see the journeys their friends are making and decide to join them, as well as view other car shares available on the website and check whether users are friends or neighbors. Not a bad idea, but it has been tried numerous times before, mainly with limited success.

Although Envoiture.fr certainly isn’t the first Facebook car sharing app, it’s likely to be one of the biggest – the site claims that it holds more than 350,000 trips from 1.4 million registered users in Europe. The site and app are available in Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland, with a Spanish service coming soon.

With a larger user base, the site could find itself more popular than other efforts to bring carpooling to the far-reaching social networking site – Peugeot attempted something similar in 2008 when it launched its EcoSharing Facebook app. However, the idea never took off and today the app boasts only 17 monthly active users, according to Facebook’s current statistics.

If you are interested the link is below..


I am still rather cynical with regards to car shares – we are just too used to having our own space on journeys. Time will tell if it catches on – probably this is the best medium for it, so this is also its final chance to take off?


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