The ‘green’ cost of Christmas lighting.

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 The Energy Saving Trust has just revealed just how much energy is potentially wasted by external Christmas lighting (and internal to a degree).

tasteless yes - but low energy!

The trust calculated that a display of 100 five-watt bulbs switched on for six hours a day over the festive period will consume 207 Kwh, that’s the equivalent of 22.8 days of the average British household’s total electricity consumption!

Now I am not suggesting for a minute that we stop using outside decorations (I am not that grumpy) – there are some particularly impressive ones around me in West Bridgford and they have become ‘part of Christmas’ in the UK now.

But, aside from taking energy-saving measures such as turning down the thermostat by 1 degree, switching off lights or only heating occupied rooms, consumers eager to get in the festive spirit could reduce their energy bills by purchase energy-saving Christmas decorations – yes that right, we now have LED Christmas lighting!

Energy-saving LED decorative lighting, suitable for both outdoor and indoor displays are far more energy-efficient (LED’s consume between 75 and 90% less energy than traditional tungsten bulbs) and although LED Christmas lighting often costs more than traditional alternatives, in the long-term it consumes far less energy, which leads to lower electricity bills and reduces the environmental impact of the festive season.

Go on – you know it makes sense!


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