You don’t realise how we take some things for granted until they are taken away.

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During this recent bout of freezing weather we have got used to hearing about people’s trials at the hands of the weather. Normally these things happen to other people and not us personally, so it is all quite ‘comfortable’ for us.

Well this week the freeze finally got us at home – for 24 hours we had no mains water in to the house. The heating was still functioning due to our old boiler (a highly inefficient unit, but a flaw that I am willing to forgive in this instance!) but we had no cold water and could not use much hot as it was emptying the main tank. 24 hours does not sound long, but it is amazing how it impacts on so many aspects of ‘normal’ day to day life;

  • No showers
  • No dishwasher
  • No washing machine
  • No flushing of toilets
  • Brushing teeth became a juggle with bottled water

There are many more daily tasks that became difficult, it made me realise why in developing countries the provision of a simple clean water tap is such a major achievement.

Our water came back after 24 hours  as temperatures rose to more ‘normal’ levels, consequently life is back to normal, but it really makes you think,

Perhaps at this time of year we ought to consider this when we are approached for charitable donations for some of the charities involved in such countries?


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