This is why we have planning policies!

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We have all had cause to complain about our British planning system at some point, but once in a while you come across something that makes you realise why we have these rules! And this property in Mumbai in India, is it;


This multi-storey house has a staff of 600 to run it, and looks like it was designed by a ‘challenged’ architect may not be most people’s idea of home, but it is for Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The approximate cost? –  $630m.

The skyscraper has the following main features;

  • constructed over 27 stories
  • Over 400,000 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Six stories of parking
  • Four stories of open-air-gardens
  • A ballroom covered with crystal chandeliers
  • A 65 seat theatre
  • A spa
  • A Swimming pool
  • An ice room, where you sit as snow drifts onto your head.
  • a monthly electricity bill of  $98,000
  • Rooftop helipad
  • A separate gym for each family member

Mr Ambani is reputed to be India’s richest man – alledgedly his fortune clocks in at £17bn. He is chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, one of the largest conglomerates in the world, and also owns the Mumbai Indians, a premier league cricket team.

The proof that money can buy anything, but doesn’t always buy good design?


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