2011 – the good and the bad

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Welcome to 2011!

I think it’s fair to say that 2010 was not one of our best years! Despite being told that we were coming out of the worst of the recession it was still a difficult year!

So what can we hope for from 2011 – and what will hurt!

The Governments first present to us for the new year is already with us – a rise in fuel duty. This will instantly increase petrol and diesel costs.

Add to this the VAT rise on the 4th January and we are looking at a not insignificant rise in costs.

Other issues to look out for?

It’s about time the UK and the rest of the World took climate change seriously – COP17 is this year, let’s hope it is more successful than this years effort (and Copenhagen the year before).

As I have blogged before, this may be the year of the electric car – but time will tell on that one.

Plenty more to be blogged about, but more of that later!

Whatever happens 2011 has to be better than 2010!


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