Joined up thinking?

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Being new years day yesterday I was out early collecting a teenager from a party. It was quite apparent that the roads were
very quiet (as they had been on New Years Eve).

That’s good I thought, it shows most people are staying out of their cars – perhaps the drink driving message is finally getting through !

Imagine my horror therefore, to find as I drove back through West Bridgford at around 9.30am the Traffic Wardens ticketing cars like their lives depended upon it!

I am assuming their ‘victims’ were New Year revellers who had wisely left their cars overnight and used public transport or taxis to get home – excellent and socially responsible behaviour! They may also (quite understandably) have believed that New Years day was a Bank Holiday and that therefore the parking charges did not relate to their parking.

Obviously it was not a Bank holiday (as it was a Saturday) and the Traffic Wardens were fully aware of this! But surely this is not the action of a socially responsible Council? We are all quite rightly responsible for our actions, and drink driving is one of the worst offences. But what message does Rushcliffe Borough Council send out to its residents by booking them on New Years Day!

How many of these drivers will be tempted to risk drink driving next year? Surely to offer free parking till say 12 noon would have been a good thing – or would that have cost Rushcliffe too much?

Well done Rushcliffe – a great start to 2011!


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