Plastic bags (and Sainsbury’s)

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Ok, so we are only a few days into the new year and I have my first ‘grumpy old man’ blog. No apology for this – it relates to something that I have told Sainsbury’s about on numerous occasions (via their local manager) – so its time to speak out!

As with all the supermarkets Sainsbury’s are very upfront in trying to make us use our own bags at the checkout – I get extra points for each bag of my own I use), but there is another part of the store that is a total disgrace – both from a practical point of view and an environmental one. The fruit and veg areas have the cheapest, thinnest and most un-user friendly bags on the planet!Β 

More of a problem than we like to think?

First there is the dispenser – sorry I mean cardboard box – if you can actually find one of these you are doing well.

Secondly, getting a bag out of one of these boxes is a work of minutes (if you are lucky) – the bags are an amorphous blob of plastic .

Thirdly, getting the bag open once you have peeled off one (or two) is a nightmare as well.

Fourthly, if today was anything to go by, the majority of the bags have holes in the bottom – only noticeable as the things you put in drop straight through!

Now if I was a cynic (heaven forbid) I would think this was Sainsbury’s clever scheme to make people pick up the prepackaged and much more expensive produce! Nice idea Sainsbury’s – not good for your ‘green’ credentials either!

I a week that Italy is banning plastic shopping bags – and in Europe generally they are already not given in supermarkets (and haven’t been for years) this all makes the likes of Sainsbury’s look a bit pathetic don’t you think?


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