A pointless exercise?

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I am known in the office as a bit of  ‘green zealot’ – well certainly by surveying standards! I would not however get involved with a criminal act to force my views, I never have done and don’t believe it is the way to deal with things in this country.

I therefore had little sympathy with the attempted storming of Radcliffe On Soar power station last year, the perpetrators have now been through the courts and generally received ‘a slap on the wrist’ – not a bad thing as we live in a democracy. But apparently the cost of the policing and trial was around £700,000!

More worrying are some of the contents of this blog by Bradley Day, one of the ‘raiders’ who it appears is also a contributor for the Guardian – his comments unfortunately show what can happen when someone becomes totally submerged in a cause – they don’t see the bigger picture!

Much of what he says is quite reasonable (and true), but there is a tone that is quite menacing in parts and suggests a belief that this type of action is the way forwards if change is to occur.

His comment below sums it up;

“The jury received a more extensive education on climate change than most people get in a lifetime. That they could not vindicate our actions is nothing to get self-righteous about; it is deeply disturbing. If the jury, after everything they had heard, couldn’t bring themselves to sympathise with our actions, who will?”

I would urge you to read the blog, it does raise the main issues as seen by the protesters, and also shows just how much effort was put into the case by the defence – they flew in an expert from the US!

In reality the jury may well have had some sympathy with the protesters – but they had broken the law – fact.

Yes we need to move the Green Agenda forwards, but this is not the way, surely?


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