Money for nothing “banned”!

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As you may have heard the song ‘Money for Nothing’ which was a huge hit for Dire Straits back in the 1980’s has been banned in its full form by the Canadian broadcasting authorities due to the use of the word ‘faggot’ in the lyrics.

A scene from the video

Now I am inclined to agree that there are certain ‘sensibilities’ that have to be dealt with in today’s world – which were almost certainly not around in the 1980’s. Yes the ‘F’ word is unpleasant, but does that give us the right to change what is basically a work of art from years ago? Is this not the thin end of the wedge?

We are talking about a song that was penned in a totally different World (just watch Ashes to Ashes on the BBC to see)!

The video was the first to be shown on MTV Europe – thats how long ago it was! Interestingly the Co author with Mark Knopfler was Sting who is possibly one of the music industries most politically correct people of the last 20 years!

Luckily this ‘ubber pc’ attitude does not appear to have landed in the UK yet – lets hope we don’t copy Canada and start changing artists work to suit our political rules! Does this give cartblanche to the authorities to change all artists work from any era? Shakespeare has some interesting phrases, so does Mark Twain.

Come on let’s get a grip!


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