Legalise Haggis?

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Tomorrow is Burns night, traditionally the evening when Haggis is eaten in honour of poet Robert Burns. Now I am quite partial to haggis, it is a really tasty meal, although I am aware that many people can’t get past the ingredients!

Bizarrely though, if you live in the USA the only way you can enjoy haggis is illegally – it’s banned! (people smuggle it in from Canada!)

A US government delegation has been invited to Scotland in a bid to overturn its 40-year ban on haggis. Imported haggis was banned by the US because its food standards agency prohibits sheep lungs in food products.

Traditional Scottish haggis, which is made with a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, had faced a double barrier. In addition to the sheep’s lung ban, the US prohibited the use of offal from the UK in the wake of the BSE outbreak in 1989.

However, the US ban on British meat products in the wake of the BSE crisis has since been relaxed.

For a country that has exported fast food and all the health issues that go with it one hopes that they will see the error of their ways and “free the Haggis”!


One thought on “Legalise Haggis?

    lacithedog said:
    January 24, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Haggis is actually made in the USA.

    You may want to check out this site:

    The real issue is free trade. According to the owner of Caledonian Kitchen, that would work both ways and he would be able to sell in Scotland.

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