Further delay in renewables funding?

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We are still waiting for full details of when the long-awaited Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be introduced.

The RHI was originally expected to be introduced in April this year, but it has subsequently been delayed until June, and recently the Government would only confirm that the incentives would be delivered “later this year”.

The incentive survived the Comprehensive Spending Review but has been dogged by speculation since Chris Huhne admitted to “forgetting” about the RHI when writing the coalition agreement.

The speedy introduction of the RHI is vital to lowering the risk of installing ground or air source heat pumps by shortening payback times, making the technology far more attractive to small businesses and social housing providers.

Current renewable heat systems account for around one per cent of the heat generated in the UK, which is well short of the government’s target of generating 12 per cent of heat from renewable sources by 2020.

If this incentive is delayed it will drive more people towards electric renewables and delay the uptake of another ‘free’ energy source.

Time for the Government to act!


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