The UK Post Office – again!

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I have vented my spleen on here on a number of occasions in the past regarding our ‘great’ Post Office. It has without doubt rather lost its way and now provides in my opinion a very second-rate service, and one that cannot be relied on in my experience.

I was therefore somewhat bemused the other day when the news reported local demonstrations by Post Office workers who were worried that cuts would impact on their service provision to us all – frankly I fail to see how it could get any worse!

The issue was further enforced for me this week. My wife has been ordering some cosmetics from the Philosophy website in the USA for delivery to some friends in California. Now the US is a big place, so one would be willing to allow a bit of a delay in delivery – right?

Well, having ordered the package from Phoenix, Arizona (apparently this is their distribution hub) it arrived in rural California two days later – and this was a free delivery! According to Google Maps that is 461 miles. Just to reinforce how much better the US Mail is they managed to deliver a second identical parcel in an identical timescale as well

The UK Post Office seem to need more than that to deliver letters across Nottingham these days – something is wrong here!


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