How can this be a problem?

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I am all for renewable energy, and when it is by a large local business that can only be a good thing – right?

Well a plan to produce a third of East Midlands Airport’s energy with solar power has run into opposition alreadyΒ from some nearby residents (probably the same ones who were against the wind turbines at the airport) and this is before any planning application has been lodged.

The 10-hectare (25 acre) project is part of plan to make the airport carbon neutral by 2012 – surely a positive thing, good for the environment and the region.

But some locals have complained it would ruin the countryside, use up agricultural land and open the door to further development. Now, the plans are at a very early stage but I fail to see how planning permission for a solar farm ‘opens up the area to other development’.

It is this Nimbyism that has such a negative effect upon progress in renewables in the UK.

I hope the airport manage to get this approved despite the Nimby’s!


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