Virgin Mobile and the ‘art’ of billing

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As a household we are generally very ‘Virgin based’. We have our TV through them, our land line and our internet – plus three mobiles. To be fair we are very happy with the service we get and have always found them to be quite reactive to requests as and when we have ‘price checked’ them. They have always responded swiftly and to our benefit.

One such apparent ‘good deal’ was when they agreed to move my wife from her existing £10 for 200 minutes, 200 texts deal to match a deal from Tesco Mobile of 500 mins, 500 texts and unlimited data for a similar amount. Virgin increased the deal they offered back to us to 800 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data for a similar £10, an excellent deal that we took up instantly!

But, at that point we came up against Virgins billing department, and the rest as they say is a nightmare!

The transfer to the better tariff was done in November 2010 and then the fun started! The tariff we were transferring to was apparently normally a £20 one, but we would get a monthly £10 credit – total cost therefore £10, simple!

Unfortunately not if you are Virgins accounts department!

Month one  – the bill was wrong, £20 rather than £10 – hours spent on the phone finally gets it sorted – Virgin are sorry.

Month two – the bill was wrong (again) – hours spent on phone calls plus this time multiple failures to call us back when they promised – Virgin are sorry.

Month three – you guessed – and yes they were sorry. And this time it was the fault of a computer error apparently. A credit was made for the next month ‘just to be sure’ and then the new computer system would sort it out – Virgin were sorry!

Month four – all OK as credit already in place – hurrah!

Month five (now) – Oh dear, its wrong again!

My wife (it is her account) has now spoken to them again (took 6 minutes this time which to be fair is good), apparently they have ‘sorted it’ and it will be correct at least for the next two months. Will they get it right after that? I hope so, but if I am honest I doubt it!

So, well done Virgin, I have always championed your cause on TV, broadband etc, but you have really let yourselves down this time.

I really don’t want to hear that you are sorry – I want you to sort it out! It will also be interesting to see if your customer service is as good as John Lewis – when I blogged about an issue with them I was contacted the same day by their customer services department – how will you do Virgin?


One thought on “Virgin Mobile and the ‘art’ of billing

    […] Frankly they have been nothing short of appalling over this matter, I do not have the energy to explain it all again, you can read about it here and here. […]

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