Step up to the plate Sainsbury’s!

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I blogged recently about the large supermarkets and how their green credentials stacked up – not very well was the answer. Plus they are all being shown the way by the COOP who plan to push themselves further into ‘green’ over the next few years.

Now I am all for saving energy, we all know that turning down the thermostat and putting on an extra jumper is a start (turning the thermostat down by a degree cuts you annual heating bill by 10%).

sold by Sainsbury's?

But, it should be made easier to be energy-efficient. The Government make some efforts and have been fairly successful with their insulation programmes, and the feed in tariffs for renewables. It was only a matter of time before one of the big Supermarkets jumped on the band wagon – and it’s Sainsbury’s.

They have partnered with British Gas to provide a ‘one stop’ service. This will include; loft insulation, tailored home-energy assessments and – providing your roof points in the right direction – photovoltaic solar panels that allow you to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

According to Sainsbury’s, installing average-sized solar panels of 1.4kw would save householders £600 a year. Furthermore, the supermarket claims that as the scheme only uses British Gas solar installers it negates the problem of so-called solar cowboys: independent, non-certified installers of dubious ability.

Now my issue is not with the idea of the scheme – anything that makes it easier to go green has to be good. My issue is with the provider, I realise Sainsbury’s are in it to make money – but surely they can put their own house in order at the same time?

Let’s see an end to free carrier bags, and a significant uptake in renewables on the stores.

Come on Sainsbury’s, put your money where your mouth is!


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