Good bags v bad bags

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This is not going to be one of those self-righteous blogs about how we use too many free bags from supermarkets (although perhaps it should be).

Sainsbury's - rubbish!

No, this is grumpy blog from someone who hates Sainsbury’s vegetable bags! They are without doubt one of the hardest things to both remove from their ‘holder’ (a cardboard box if it hasn’t broken) and then open for use known to man!

My wife now grabs a handful and opens them so that I don’t ‘strop’ about them – although I do normally manage a little moan! No doubt Sainsbury’s would claim they are cheap – really, you amaze me!

Coop - brilliant!

Recently I dropped into our larger Coop in West Bridgford for some veg on the way home from work. The ease of obtaining and opening their bags was a revelation!

The bags come on a roll (clever) and fit into a proper dispenser (not a cheap cardboard box). Most importantly the dispenser has a device (a bit of plastic actually)Β that allows the bags to be ripped off easily – this also helps to open them.

Yes, they are probably more costly, but they show a level of customer care that is perhaps missing in some other stores?

Come on Sainsbury’s – get your act together or I am off to my local Coop!


2 thoughts on “Good bags v bad bags

    Richard Baker said:
    March 6, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I almost get the impression Sainsbury has just given up on the whole issue of restricting plastic bags. Whenever I go through the tills at Castle Marina there’s routinely a great pile of the things waiting to be used at the packing end of the till. I suspect they do it to avoid customers being slow through the tills, but it’s surely not beyond the wit a a major retailer to find a neater solution.
    As for the Co-op…I’d hesitate to hold them up as the exemplar of best practice. On the sustainability side, may be, but the customer service where I live in Southwell is way off the pace. They may as well call it Queues R Us…

      Simon Dare responded:
      March 6, 2011 at 4:39 pm


      On the basis that I have just had the biggest number of hits on a single post on this post I assume that everyone hates Sainsbury’s bags!

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