Notts County Highways – must do better!

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Yesterday after working for a few hours I looked out of the conservatory window and thought it would be good to ‘blow a few cobwebs away’ with a quick bike ride around West Bridgford. So in the middle of the afternoon Sam and I set off for a quick few miles around the area.

Our ride was very pleasant, the weather was mild and sunny – nothing could cause us an issue! That was until we hit Buckfast Way in Abbey Park. At this point it became apparent that some kind soul had stolen about 5 of the drain covers at the side of the road. Luckily we both spotted it and avoided an accident, although the holes are big enough to cause a major problem for either a cyclist or a motorist.

Not the actual drain - but you get the idea........

On return to the house I rang the local police to report the problem – they informed me that I was the fourth or fifth person to do so – the first having been on Saturday morning (over 36 hours before), at which point the Police had reported it to Nottinghamshire County Council Highways department. I assume they thought that as the statutory body responsible for roads in the area they would deal with it. How wrong you can be!

Replacing the gratings would be unreasonable in that time scale, but putting cones or a warning sign – is that asking too much?

If I or my son had an accident on our bikes it would have been a nasty one that would have resulted in legal action against the council, they would not have had a leg to stand on. Frankly this is appalling service, they seem able to get a newsletter out to tell us all how well they are doing, but can’t actually do basic safety management.

You have been warned – don’t trust the roads in Nottinghamshire to be safe – the body handling them are not doing their job even close to adequately.


2 thoughts on “Notts County Highways – must do better!

    Richard Baker said:
    March 14, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    This is my favourite rant subject, so I’d better be careful. I think there’s a real issue for cyclists right now because so many roads are in a dismal condition at the edges where water has drained to the edges and done its damage during winter. Drivers really need to be aware of this.
    Drivers do, because it seems to me that higheays is carrying on in its own sweet way, with the usual, end-of-financial-year spend the budget fest. There is no better example than The Ropewalk in Southwell, which now has two magnificent new pavements either side of pothole alley. Perhaps we should cycle on them instead.

      Simon Dare responded:
      March 14, 2011 at 10:47 pm

      Typical local Government unfortunately – new broom but same old officers in charge.
      Some of the potholes are huge in West Bridgford – one assumes the Highways department has no chief officers living locally……

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