Earth Hour 2011

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It doesn’t seem 12 months ago that I blogged about this last! This is a great idea (and the third year it has taken place) aimed at highlighting the effect we all have on our planet. It is one of the few ways that you can show support for your planet in a manner that doesn’t cost you anything.

It also has some high-profile support from many of the areas of the World;

Iconic landmarks going dark range from: Niagara Falls in Canada; Times Square in New York; the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio; Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Big Ben and the London Eye in the UK; the Alhambra in Spain; Eiffel Tower in Paris; Brandenburg Gate, Berlin; Tivoli, Copenhagen; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Kuwait Towers; Milad Tower, Tehran; Davis Station, Antarctica; and of course the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Also many local councils and large organisations are joining in – lots of local buildings will go dark for an hour.

And perhaps most important is the number of schools and therefore young people who have signed up for this – the list of schools is impressive.

So at 8.30 tonight why not join in, turn of your lights, listen to the radio, you may actually enjoy it!


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