“Real” city living

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The concept of city living has been developed across the UK over the last decade. Most of our cities have modern ‘boxes’ for sale and to let in their centres – Nottingham is no exception.

I am all for rejuvenating cities, and putting more residents in the centre has to help. But to see true city living you have to visit a European city – like Paris.

This week we are staying in a fifth floor apartment in the Marais district. It is an old building and the apartment is probably best described as a loft – head room is limited!


But, what sets this location apart from a UK city area is the breadth of amazing food shops within a few yards of our front door. Yes we have a small supermarket, but then there is a fishmonger, a number of bakers (one of which is the best in the city apparently), chocolate shops, wine shops, the list goes on. And they are all independent and very local.

There is a real community feel here, without this our UK idea of city living will never come close! We need a total change in the way we live and relate to each other to come near to the feel here.

And yes, I am a lover of France!


2 thoughts on ““Real” city living

    lairdglencairn said:
    April 21, 2011 at 8:23 am

    only people of a ‘certain’ age can remember shops like this in our own high streets. Our local baker was open from 7am – 10 am on Good Friday, just long enough to buy real Hot Cross Buns !!!!!

      Simon Dare responded:
      April 21, 2011 at 8:29 am

      Ah yes, I had forgotten that – it’s such a loss to our society as a whole – and why I love other parts of Europe so much!

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