That Wedding!

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It won’t have escaped your notice (or if it has where have you been) that there is a wedding this coming Friday!

Personally I don’t have a problem with our Royal family, they are a major part of our way of life and a great marketing tool for the UK – much more than we realise!


This was brought home to me last week in Paris. The French you would think are not big followers of Royal events – how wrong you would be! Their press and magazines are awash with articles about the wedding! Also whenever we got into conversation with any locals – at restaurants or shops, the Royal Wedding came up in conversation. Adverts are everywhere for wedding related programmes and publications.

It is all too easy over here for us to become cynical about events like this, but perhaps this first Royal Wedding in the era of social networking will be the biggest media event ever?

Certainly it is giving UK Ltd a huge amount of positive advertising at a time when it needs it most and that cannot be a bad thing – surely?

So perhaps it’s time to stop being so cynical about this event and realise that this is something we do well – in fact we do it better than anyone else in the World. So enjoy it!


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