East Midland Airport turbines have been installed

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 Work started on the installation of the East Midland Airport wind turbines last week, the two 45m (148ft) wind turbines, which are the first at an airport in the UK, have been lifted into place next to the airport’s headquarters.

The turbines will aim to generate 5% of the site’s electricity when they are completed and form part of the airports bid to make its operations carbon neutral by 2012.

Planning consent for the turbines, which will be installed for 20 years and will save approximately 300 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, was granted in 2008. As usual there was a level of opposition from the local community, which is to be expected. However having driven past the site today I am surprised by how well hidden the turbines actually are. Yes you can see them from the road (A453), but only briefly.

To my eyes this is an excellent job of installing turbines but not making them too intrusive – I am sure there will be many that disagree with me, but surely this is as good a location as any for turbines? Or are they louder than aircraft movements as well?

Unfortunately I couldn’t stop to take a photo (the road was busy) but I would not be surprised if some people drive past without seeing them!


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