Weight loss and excercise

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a minor blip!

As you may have gathered from my previous blog entries I have been trying (and managing) to lose weight over the last 6 months or so. I am aware that I have become a bit of a ‘bore’ on the subject as the weight has disappeared – but if I am honest I am rather proud of myself for managing it (with lots of help from my family and Wendy in particular).

The recent holiday to Paris was the first ‘real test’ of my resolve and weight management when off the diet. So how did it go?

Well I am amazed to report that although I did put some weight on  – around 4 pounds (and if you saw what I was eating that would come as no surprise!), the real damage was kept off due to the amount of exercise we did! This has highlighted to me more that anything that diets are fine, but one needs to exercise as well!

In Paris we walked our feet off and also climbed a serious number of stairs – 90 up to our apartment plus 1400 on the day we walked up and down the Eiffel tower and 600 the day we went up and down the Arc de Triumphe.

A busy weekend out and about has allowed me to rid myself of most of what I put on in France as well!

There is no doubt that getting out an exercising will become a major part of my regime for the future!


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