White iPhone – not as cool as this!

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So it’s official, the long-awaited white iPhone 4 has finally arrived!

When the iPhone 4 first came out it was supposed to include white – just as the previous one had. But Apple pulled it and it all went quiet. Conspiracy theory’s abound as to the issues that caused it to be delayed (shame the aerial issue didn’t) but suffice to say the Apple fan boys are very happy about it now!

So, should you buy one? I have to say that the new iPad 2 in white is very nice and would be the colour I would go for if I got one. But a white phone? I am not convinced – especially as you need to put it into a case to stop the front or back getting smashed!

We have had a number of iPhone 4’s smashed at work – and when they smash they do it in style – with lots of very small and dangerous shards of glass! Apples claim of ‘extra strong glass’ doesn’t really stack up in my view!

On reflection I would pay someone to alter the back and front of my current iPhone with one of the ‘unofficial’ fronts and backs like the ones above – now that is really different!


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