Yet another #fail for John Lewis

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not what it was?

I have had my issues with John Lewis in the past – the ‘X-box ordering’ debacle being the most recent. They are in my opinion losing their way and do not live up to their billing as the ‘leading UK retail business’.

Well we have another problem! My son Sam’s school uniform (for Dagfa School) is supplied from John Lewis, the school chose them as suppliers on the basis of cost (greatly appreciated) and ease of ordering – they are a big concern so supply should be easy. That’s the theory anyway!

Well as Sam is going through a growth spurt we needed to get him some new trousers at half term (early March) so went to Nottingham John Lewis. Unfortunately they didn’t have any but we could order on-line – fair enough. So back at home (why did we even bother going to the store) we went on-line to find………… out of stock (in fact a massive lack of stock in most sizes).

But, there is a facility to be emailed when stock is in – great idea – so we duly ticked the box and awaited an email. Sam in the mean time has trousers that are gradually turning into shorts!

In mid April we received an email from John Lewis that informed us that the trousers were still out of stock but giving a link to choose another product – most unhelpful!

Today, thinking that Sam is back to school on Tuesday, we suddenly realised that 3 weeks of growth has occurred for him – so his trousers will be even shorter! We have heard nothing further from John Lewis (and yes I do check my spam filter) so assume they are still out of stock – that would be at least 2 months! On the off-chance we checked on-line to find that they are now back in stock – it’s now too late to order to get the trousers for Tuesday when he returns so we will need to ring the store and if they have them make a special trip into Nottingham to collect them.

Why did we not get an email to tell us stock was available again? John Lewis have fallen again in my estimation, this is a fundamental failure to perform in my view.

We need a new TV – guess what – John Lewis won’t be on the list!


2 thoughts on “Yet another #fail for John Lewis

    Customer Service, John Lewis said:
    May 4, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Hi Simon – I’m really sorry that you’ve had problems obtaining these trousers, and would like to investigate your complaint further.

    Please can you make contact via the email address below, with your son’s age/size.

    Thanks, Jaime, Customer Services

      Simon Dare responded:
      May 4, 2011 at 11:09 am


      Thanks for coming back to me – I will email this evening when I have time to do so.


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