And Tesco wonder why some people ‘don’t like them’

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Tesco are having a torrid time at the moment, they appear to be the target of some anarchists in Bristol and are also ‘not that popular’ with anyone interested in saving the planet or even buying local produce.

I am not a particular fan of any of the big supermarket chains – I do believe that they have contributed to the current lack of small businesses in our town centres and the knock on effect that this has had on communities as a whole. They vary, but generally are all fairly poor on green ethics as well – but that’s another story!

Back to Tesco – they have, since Christmas, been running a price matching scheme against their (main?) competitor Asda. Price is king it appears to them rather than anything else. The ability to undercut people helps them dominate the market. The scheme initially offered to refund shoppers twice the amount they could have saved at Asda (assuming the item was cheaper there).

Now, one would have thought that Tesco would only do this if they were indeed cheaper than Asda – but it appears they are not on all things. They have now cut the deal because they were finding that shoppers were checking prices at Asda (on the Tesco website comparison tool) and then shopping at Tesco and then claiming back twice the saving from Tesco – thereby making a big saving.

Now on the face of it this is surely how the system was envisaged to work? Unfortunately Tesco don’t like the fact that some people have been shopping ‘intelligently’ (god forbid!) – an example being a shopper who used the Tesco site to identify alcohol, laundry products and pet food that was much cheaper at Asda. He spent £126 at Tesco, on a shop that would have cost £81 at Asda. So he got double the £45 difference as a £90 Tesco voucher.

Sensible chap! But Tesco have decided this is ‘unfair’ to their other shoppers and have set a limit on the saving you can claim – now its only the difference (not double) and a maximum £20 in one claim and £100 maximum per month. And its paid in Tesco vouchers.

Tesco have described this ‘intelligent shopping’ as ‘misusing the scheme’ – how can that be?

Big brother it seems is selling groceries to you……………


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